Hannah LoweAfter a long hiatus, Keats House poets forum returns to Keats House museum! And we’re a kicking it all off with a reading from acclaimed ‘Next generation’ poet Hannah Lowe on Sunday the 31st of this month.

There will of course be open mic opportunities as well as performances from Keats House poets. So put the date in your diary and we’ll look forward to seeing you! Click here to book your place for the event.


by Donall Dempsey

the geese flew on and out of my childhood

leaving me returning each new year

to find that same moment when I was 9

seeing the geese now with different eyes

but somehow still that little boy

seeing them for the first time

the geese flying on and out into forever. . .

. . .snow has fallen in love with the world

dressing everything in the same crisp white quiet

icicles hang from the blue tricycle

a lost green glove creeps across the front yard

soon my daughter all 9 years of her

will awake to find the dream made real

a forgotten doll gazes up at me

from the bottom of the frozen pond

I write you a Christmas card as I do each year

sign it love as I always do

forgetting that

you are dead.

(This piece was written by Donall at one of our creative writing workshops. If you have been to one of our workshops and would like to submit a poem or a piece of writing for our blog, please leave us a message or a comment. We'd love to post your stuff. Thank you Donall!)