Started in 2010, the Keats House Poets are a collective of eight poets who regularly meet to share new work and support each others’ poetry careers. As a group the Keats House Poets have organised poetry workshops and performance events at The Keats House Museum, heritage sites, festivals and at the 2012 and 2013 Bloomsbury Festivals. Supported by the Keats House Museum in Hampstead and London’s writers development agency- Spread the Word, this collective individually and collectively run successful workshops, events and poetry projects across the country- inspiring audiences to engage in poetry in new and exciting ways, and love the art form as much as they do!

In October 2013 Keats House Poets worked with the University of London’s Human Rights Consortium to produce ‘In Protest- 150 poems for human rights’ a chapter of which is dedicated to the theme of exile. Members of the group have lead workshops on creative campaigning, refugee rights and worked with the English PEN refugee writers program.

The Keats House Poets consist of founding members Simon Mole and Raymond Antrobus and core members; Kaamil Ahmed, Dean Atta, Anthony Hett, Deanna Rodger, Laila Sumpton, and Stephanie Turner.

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  1. Sherena McCalla said:

    I was wondering when the next event is for spoken words

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