This Week in Poetry: Keats House – Chill Pill – Come Rhyme With Me

This Sunday (27th April) marks another chance for you to get your poetry fix as we are set to meet up again at Keats House for ‘As Leaves To A Tree’ – a workshop led by Deanna Rodger exploring the relationship between the season of birth and regeneration and the city.

However as many of you may (or may not) be aware, Keats house is not the only place for poetry lovers to find inspiration and entertainment!



24th April

Chill Pill – a poetry night run by five poets including Keats House poets Simon Mole, Deanna Rodger and Raymond Antrobus – is on tomorrow night (24th April) and features readings from ShortMAN, Femi Martin and music from TY. Check out the event page here.



25th April

Come Rhyme With Me – run by Keats House poets Deanna Rodger (she’s everywhere!!) and Dean Atta – is on back on Friday (25th April) and features readings from the ‘Bang said the gun’ collective. It’s a great night of good food and good poetry and you can find more about it on their facebook page!


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