‘Writing In The Blackout’ A Poetry Anthology


Writing in the Blackout


Who gets silenced? Who gets to speak?
Where in the world are there free walls we can paint on?
Who’s been imprisoned for singing a song?


‘Writing in the Blackout’ is an online zine produced by Keats House poets Stephanie Turner and Laila Sumpton. Featuring poems from various different artists the anthology centres on the admiration for the artists who continue to campaign against injustice despite free speech restrictions, and the need for artists not only to be aware of the situation but to respond to it in their work. You can read the zine here.

There is also going to be an event at the Keats House Museum on the 14th of June, to celebrate the work and the contributors to the zine. There will be performances from contributing writers & performers, a special panel of guests including James Hopkirk (the editor at Ideastap) and others who will be discussing the zines themes and inviting the audience to participate in an open Q&A. For more information check out the facebook page.

Also don’t forget this Sunday’s workshop ‘As Leaves to a Tree’ a creative writing workshop exploring the relationship between the season of birth and regeneration, and the city.





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