‘ODE TO SURFING’ by Juliette Llewellyn


Suddenly in water

the surfboard is looser,

less controllable.

On sand it

was firm under body,

now sea water flows

straight through.


We have to learn again

to push ourselves up,

as ocean’s swell

pulls us down.

Rope joins the board

to my ankle

keeping me connected.

Waves building


fresh air blowing

sea salt.

The oncoming wave.


I remember Egypt

snorkelling in Dahab.

Red sea. Ahead.

Blue water

coral shines pink.

I swim to the edge of the reef.

He appears

and sits next to me.

I want him to leave.


Immersed in ocean,

sky and sand. Stretched.

If you want freedom

choose me,

I will make you think

of nothing else.

Written and submitted by Juliette Llewellyn, who attended our workshop on odes last month.

If you attended the ‘My creed is love’ workshop and have an ode you would like to share with us, then send it through. We’d love to see your work.


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