December Event

Keats 9-12-12 (4 of 4)

We closed out the year with a December event that featured the usual combination of open mic, forum poets and guest headliner (Nii Parkes!) and a few photos are below. But just as we did last year, there was also a special Christmas list poem cooked up by Simon using the Christmas wishes of every poet who performed on the day. Enjoy!

Keats House Poets instant poem Christmas List 2012
(this poem starts with a quote from a classic of the genre, by Mariah Carey)

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need…
A 12 gauge shotgun, or assault rifle.
One pair of thick thermal socks,
and one pair that’s lighter.
A compass. My friends to return safe.
A record player to play Dave Brubeck on.
A chance to Take Five like that Dave Brubeck song.
My FBI background checks to come through.
A plane ticket to Greece, or China…
A salmon. Sunshine. Absolution.
A hat, almost exactly like Ray’s. But not Ray’s.
Coz if I hand over a fifty note I want change.
A flying carpet. Wax sealed string
round a brown paper parcel.
Huntelaar to sign for Arsenal. Dominic.
My appetite for sleep back. Somebody to share
The mattress I got last year. A large beer.
Every poem that I write to be a sharp spear
Straight into your heart’s ear, this is the just the start
And it starts here, with you, at Keats House.
Thanks for coming…

Keats 9-12-12 (2 of 4)

Keats 9-12-12 (1 of 4)

Keats 9-12-12 (3 of 4)


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