December Event

At the Christmas event, Simon decided he was going to ask all the poets and some of the audience what they wanted for Christmas. He then put together this poem. Enjoy!

Keats House Christmas List 2011

A brand new road bike with drop handlebars, a travel-card
socks that don’t fall down. A radio.
snoopy slippers, a laptop and some decent headphones,
a new mattress, suspenders, a radio, a radio.
Socks that don’t fall down. A gallery
desperate to exhibit and sell Janice’s paintings,
2 dates with 2 special someone’s. An earworm remover.
A Jenga tower, a hard drive, and a new phone.
A membership on Spotlight (plus headshots).
Some trainers like Deanna’s. A free Palestine.
An already written (decent) dissertation
World peace. Spotify. A Strepsil and a Lempsip.
An MA in public policy, a successful HLF bid, and sun
40 degree equator style sun, blazing.
Solitude. Anything but vouchers. The best free thing you can find.
Laser eyes, aqua powers, the power to find lost things
Or to give up smoking. A loved one’s filtrum. A rubix cube.
Someone to share the new mattress with. Happiness
And a new front tyre…

Here are some videos from the last event of 2011 that we held at Keats House. We’ll be back with more in February.

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  1. laila said:

    Just how international is your living room, and the contents of your kitchen? Two Keats House Poets took on a project to write about how life in the 18thC became a lot more multicultural.

    Stephanie Turner and Laila Sumpton from the Keats House Poets were commissioned by the Geffrye Museum to write and record poems for a forthcoming exhibition called “At home with the world”- find out more here

    The exhibition is part of a special “Stories of the World” project and will be running from March till September 2012 as part of the cultural Olympiad, and we’ll let you know details of the launch!

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